About reLEASE Miami

reLEASE Miami is a property management company specializing in boutique apartment buildings and larger development projects. Our clients can be found throughout Miami and the surrounding areas. We believe that data-driven decision-making and value-add propositions with measurable targets set us apart from our competition and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our business model began with thoughtful and strategic traditional and digital marketing services for landlords looking to secure long-term, quality tenants for their available rental listings. We have continued to expand our service offerings to now include full-service property management solutions.

We believe our work adds significant value to our client’s short and long-term investment strategies. We can achieve this by taking the stress out of the day-to-day operations and focusing on providing maximum returns on their investments. We pride ourselves on an end-to-end, tech-oriented approach that helps to not only set us apart from our competitors but also to drive results for our clients.

As part of our commitment to your property, we offer a range of services including marketing, tenant management, financial reporting, project management, and maintenance management. What’s more, by using sophisticated and user-friendly property management software for both tenants and owners, we can provide the access, insights, and data necessary to manage a successful rental property.

We work hard to automate as much as possible so that we can offer our clients a streamlined process to help manage the day-to-day operations. This automation allows us to bring on-demand financial reports, organized workflows with instant notifications, and integrated maintenance tracking and key performance indicators to our property owners so they can see the status of their investment in real-time.

As a team, we have the expertise in property management and the local real estate market to ensure you and your tenants are equally valued. Our qualified managers have established successes in other areas of the local real estate market as well. We bring this industry know-how and learnt experience to our clients. This helps to navigate challenges and foster new opportunities on behalf of our clients.

As your partner in managing your investment, we will navigate all the challenges that come with being a landlord including marketing your property, tenant screening, rent collection, financial reporting, and maintenance. Our primary goal is to maximize the return of every client’s property investment and help them build a long-term relationship with our company.

Our clients define our business which is why we will go above and beyond every time to meet their needs!

Strong Values, High Standards & True Transparency are the keys to our business. Want to learn more? Contact the team at reLEASE Miami today.

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